Ziehler Engineering is a full-service structural engineering consulting firm based in the state of Colorado.  While we have a reputation for sound judgment and quality documentation, we understand that merely meeting your functional needs is not enough to develop a successful business.  We strongly believe that enhanced customer service coupled with exceptional design standards is the hallmark of our business.  As a result, our superior services lead to many long-term relationships and client advocates for our firm.

After years of observing the operations of other firms, it was evident to our founder Michael S. Ziehler that the quality of engineering and client services could be vastly improved.  Guided by a vision of superior client satisfaction, we are committed to the following ideals:

Ziehler Engineering understands that building a reputation for an exceptional product is essential for growth and retention.  Omission of detail or plan information can cause unnecessary delays and cost surcharges.  We have been told that our construction documents are the most thorough, accurate, and complete of any firm.  Quality engineering saves time and money and ensures that you will continue to select us for your projects.

Customer Service
Ziehler Engineering simply treats our clients as we want to be treated.  We recognize that open communication is an essential element of the design process and are actively involved with our clients from the competition stage through building occupancy.  We can be easily reached which ensures proper coordination and satisfaction throughout every stage of the project.

We have invested in the best computers, software, and internet access in order to maximize our productivity and reduce long-term costs.  Thus, Ziehler Engineering typically produces an outstanding product in fewer man-hours than our competitors.  We will continue to acquire the best equipment and employees to maintain this advantage.

Ultimately, with Ziehler Engineering you'll find a talented, knowledgeable staff of experts who blend an appreciation for the human experience with a steadfast understanding of your bottom line.  We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate why Ziehler Engineering has earned a solid reputation as one of Colorado’s premier engineering firms and look forward to discussing how you could benefit from our vision and experience.

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